3D Modeling



3D Modeling


I am a multi-disciplined, talented freelance digital designer. I work with iconic brands, corporate leaders and start-up enterprises – producing a high standard of graphic design that is driven by bold creative thinking. My expertise covers also Web Design, 3D & 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, 3D Environmental and products Visualization.


I graduated  with a BA Hons in Digital media in London; I was also a studio artist (painter) at  2004-2007


I have more than 9 years experience in graphics, brand identity, print, web design and photography


I designed for a very diverse range of client sectors including;


Food and Drink Industries

Entertainment group

Professional services

Public and private invents

Architectural visualizing

Charity organizations

Government sectors

And lots more…


My main goal is increasing the visibility of your business.


Each project I work on is an opportunity to do some amazing work that connects with the intended audience and brings increased a good success to the client.


Every mark has to have a purpose. Each individual element of your company’s design should be necessary, not indulgent.


I always follow a professional and strategic approach; identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, get to know your company culture, research your audience, your competition, and the current market.

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